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Colour changing LED aroma diffuser, creating a soothing light display while diffusing relaxing scents.

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Elegant S3 Luxe Oval Citrine Glow Ultrasonic Diffuser, enhancing aromatherapy ambiance, available at Aroma Haven UK.
Vibrant LED diffusers, available in multiple colors, create a luxurious and aesthetic atmosphere.
Mosaic aroma diffuser, modern and stylish, perfect for adding chic decor and pleasant aroma.
Aroma diffuser in mosaic design, auto shut-off ensures safety by stopping when water runs out.
Aroma diffuser with 120ml water capacity, blue design, and high/low mist settings for up to 6 hours.
Aroma diffuser with timer settings for 1 and 2 hours, vibrant mosaic design, light and mist buttons.
Blue mosaic diffuser, dimensions 16cm x 13cm, with quiet sound, auto shut-off, and emits a pleasant aroma.
Elegant S3 Luxe Oval Citrine Glow Ultrasonic Diffuser, enhancing aromatherapy ambiance, available at Aroma Haven UK."

Aroma Haven S3 Luxe Diffuser (Citrine Glow) | Relaxing Oasis (UK)

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Product Description

Breathe Easy and Relax in Style

Effortless Aromatherapy:

Experience the mood-enhancing and wellbeing-promoting benefits of aromatherapy with the S3 Luxe Oval Diffuser. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oils (Aroma Haven offers the perfect complement) to the 120ml water tank and let the diffuser fill your home with calming fragrances.

Customisable Comfort, Tailored to You:

Choose from continuous or intermittent mist modes to tailor the intensity of your aromatherapy experience. Relax with the gentle mist with 1-2 hour options or a continuous mist mode.

Immerse Yourself in a Calming Ambience

Soothing LED Lights:

Enhance your relaxation with the S3 Luxe Oval Diffuser's built-in LED lights. Choose from a spectrum of colour options or set it to colour-changing mode to create a calming atmosphere, inspired by the serenity of a spa.

Elevate Your Home with Timeless Design

Sophistication in Every Curve:

The S3 Luxe Oval Diffuser features a sleek and stylish oval design finished in a luxurious champagne breeze colour. This beautiful diffuser complements any décor, adding a touch of sophistication to your home environment.

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